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Would you Be Interested in a Crypto Loan? ( No Obligation )

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Card Issue Fee

Blue (Virtual) card    Free
Silver Card    €9
Gold Card    €49
Black Card    €99

Annual Fee

Blue (Virtual) card    Free
Silver Card    €10
Gold Card    €50
Black Card    €100

Credit Limit (% of lodged crypto)

Blue (Virtual) card    N/A
Silver Card    35%
Gold Card    35%
Black Card    40%

Daily Spending Limit

Blue (Virtual) card    €1000
Silver Card    €2500
Gold Card    €5000
Black Card    €10000

Daily ATM Withdraw Limit

Blue (Virtual) card    N/A
Silver Card    €500
Gold Card    €750
Black Card    €1000

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There is no obligation to take the card. You will be offered a card when they are issued, but you can cancel your request any time. We'll only charge you the issue fee when your card is issued.

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